OTAN invites nominations of California adult education learners who are successful as a result of the education received at adult education agencies for the California Adult Education Students Succeed program. The program honors outstanding students who are adults with significant life responsibilities, who have made positive contributions to the community, established and met life goals by attending an adult education program, improved the life situations of self and others, and overcome difficult circumstances in order to pursue adult learning experiences. The program recognizes the hard work that outstanding adult education students have completed in the pursuit of their personal, academic, and professional goals and aspirations.

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Students Succeed Honoree: Amy Chan


Amy Chan came to Charles A. Jones Career & Education Center in July of 2020 and entered the Medical Assistant Program. I met with Amy and her brother one day and it was a bit hard to understand why this young lady wanted to be a medical assistant. Knowing that the life of a medical assistant is pretty tough, looking at this young lady scared me a bit. You are on your feet a lot, sometimes no breaks, sometimes long hours due to the clinic being short staffed. I did my best to explain to Amy that it's a tough program, it's accelerated, and I'm a tough teacher. Do you really want this? Amy said that she did, so she registered. There was one more meeting between my administrator, Amy, and myself because of certain limitations that arose regarding Amy's health, doctor appointments, etc. Nevertheless, Amy began the program.

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