OTAN invites nominations of California adult education learners who are successful as a result of the education received at adult education agencies for the California Adult Education Students Succeed program. The program honors outstanding students who are adults with significant life responsibilities, who have made positive contributions to the community, established and met life goals by attending an adult education program, improved the life situations of self and others, and overcome difficult circumstances in order to pursue adult learning experiences. The program recognizes the hard work that outstanding adult education students have completed in the pursuit of their personal, academic, and professional goals and aspirations.

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Students Succeed Honoree: Joshua Bruce


Joshua Bruce was floundering. As a traditional high school student he had numerous truancies, discipline problems and was behind in credits. The problem wasn’t intelligence; as you will soon see, Josh is very intelligent. Traditional education just wasn’t working. Entering the Diploma Gold program at Lassen Adult School seemed to be the answer.  Josh stayed on track and made up his credits. The flexibility of the program made it possible for him to work full-time as a security guard while going to school, and he graduated just a few months after he turned 18. With his high school diploma in hand, Josh enlisted in the Army where he has been very successful. Had it not been for the Diploma Gold program, it is questionable whether he would have graduated at all.

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