OTAN invites nominations of California adult education learners who are successful as a result of the education received at WIOA funded adult education agencies for the California Adult Education Students Succeed program. The program honors outstanding students who are adults with significant life responsibilities, who have made positive contributions to the community, established and met life goals by attending an adult education program, improved the life situations of self and others, and overcome difficult circumstances in order to pursue adult learning experiences. The program recognizes the hard work that outstanding adult education students have completed in the pursuit of their personal, academic, and professional goals and aspirations.

You can read stories and watch videos from previous years by clicking on the Students tab. You can also explore stories from specific adult education agencies and programs by clicking on the Schools and Programs tabs. To learn how to nominate a student for the program and to submit an online nomination form, click on the Nomination tab.

Students Succeed Honoree: Logan Hindle


Logan’s story begins at a very early age. He was born a female, but by an early age, he knew that he did not want to be a girl. His father left when he was very young. As Logan grew up and announced at age 5 that he didn’t want to be a girl anymore, his mother kept dressing him in dresses, and his stepfather verbally and physically abused him.

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