Grasiela Carranza

Mt. Diablo Adult Education

Nominated in 2021


Grasiela Carranza enrolled in Mt. Diablo Adult Education's High School Diploma program in the middle of the fall semester, with a goal to complete her diploma credits by June 2021. Despite joining late in the semester, Grasiela jumped right into her classes, determined to complete more than a year's worth of credits in seven months. She attended morning and evening classes over Zoom and did independent study classes online. She did homework at night, on weekends, and over school breaks. Since starting in the fall, Grasiela has not stopped working towards her goal of earning her high school diploma, and she will be a June 2021 graduate.

Grasiela's high school education was interrupted when she became a single parent to a child with significant special needs. She left school to focus on her daughter, learning to navigate endless doctor's appointments and advocate for her daughter's needs. While facing many significant challenges, Grasiela remained strong, determined, and optimistic about a better future. Grasiela was not able to attend school for 12 years, as she was a stay-at-home mom. Now with three children, she has devoted herself entirely to her family and their care. With classes being held remotely, Grasiela has had the opportunity to continue with her education without having to leave home. Grasiela does her classes while supervising her children.

Grasiela's Zoom screen is a parade of friendly, happy kids who provide morning greetings and encouragement to students in our classes. She says one of her proudest moments was hearing her son tell his teacher how proud he is of his mom for going back to school. She is also very proud that she is now able to help her kids with their homework, especially math! Grasiela is an enthusiastic and hardworking student. She attends class regularly and participates in class discussions. Grasiela embodies our ASE/HSE department motto "Never Give Up" and is quick to compliment and encourage her classmates.

Because of her work ethic and friendly, positive personality, Grasiela was offered a job with a local real estate group after graduation. Grasiela plans to begin classes to become a real estate agent this summer. She credits the skills she has learned this year in math, writing, and computer literacy for providing her with the foundation to be successful in this new career. She has gained confidence in herself and knows that she is capable of facing challenges in the future. She looks forward to having a job that will help support her family and to provide an example of the importance of hard work and education to her children. Grasiela's hard work, determination, and positive attitude made her our unanimous choice for the Students Succeed award. We are proud to present Grasiela Carranza as our nominee.

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