Nomination Information

How to participate in the project:

Nominations may be submitted by any California WIOA funded adult education agency during the open nomination period. The next nomination period is Friday, January 1, 2021 – Thursday, April 15, 2021. All nominations will be reviewed for completeness and for how closely they address the criteria stated on the nomination form. Incomplete nominations and nominations that don't address the criteria will not be considered.

California Adult Education Students Succeed Process:

  • OTAN invites field nominations of adult education learners who are successful as a result of the education received at California WIOA funded adult education agencies.
  • Nominations are accepted during the open nomination period. See website for this year's deadlines.
  • Nominations are completed online.
  • Once nominations have closed as published on website, all are printed and a copy of each nomination is made.
    • Scoring packets for at least two readers are created. Each packet includes a copy of the nomination, the scoring template, and the scoring rubric.
    • Readers independently score each nomination, then meet together to discuss their scores. Scores from each reader for each nominee are totaled.
    • If the total score equals or exceeds the minimum needed based on the number of readers, the nominee has qualified to be included in the Students Succeed database ( and have their story and their photograph posted on the website. Those nominees with a score equaling less than the minimum needed based on the number of readers are not included. Scoring data is kept on a spreadsheet for each cycle in the Students Succeed electronic folder.
  • Once scoring is completed, files are created for each successful learner. The file includes a copy of the nomination and the scoring template.
    • Letters of congratulations are sent to the nominee, the nominator, and the school's legislator. Copies are placed in the hard copy file as well as kept electronically.
    • Letters of regret are sent to those nominees who did not meet the criteria. Letters are also sent to their nominators. One file is kept for each cycle for all nominations and includes the nomination and copies of the letters of regret. Copies of the letters are also kept electronically.
  • After the initial congratulatory letters are sent, the nominee files are reviewed by an OTAN employee. They contact the nominee and secure their permission to publish their story. The nominee must mail back the original permission form. They also write the story that is to be posted on the website.
  • Once permissions have been secured, a plaque (certificate) is created and is mailed to the nominee unless a special presentation is planned by the nominator. Each plaque is accompanied by a cover letter for both the nominee and nominator. Copies of the letters and the certificate are kept in the nominee's file, as well as electronically.

For the two learners who received the two highest scores:

  1. OTAN creates videos highlighting their success. The videos are produced and are added to the website.
  2. To promote the videos and celebrate the learners, the two winner(s) and their nominator(s) will be invited to attend the Fall ACSA leadership summit. Lunch for the two winner(s) and their nominator(s) will be provided by ACSA at its Every Student Succeeding luncheon.

Publicizing the Success Stories: Students with accepted nominations will be contacted for verification of the information and asked to submit a photo. A signed release will be obtained from the students before any stories are used, and no personal contact information will be distributed through the project. Agencies can access the stories and videos on the website maintained by the Outreach and Technical Assistance Network (OTAN). Each Student page contains the learner success story with a photo and information about the adult education agency that nominated them. The site may be searched by agency, by county, and by program area.

Stories and videos may be highlighted at conferences throughout California and distributed to local, regional, and state officials.

California WIOA Funded Adult Education Agency Nomination Evaluation Rubric*:

  1. The nominee is employed
  2. 0 - Not employed.
    1 - Employed part time, volunteering, providing care at home as parent or guardian, or employed but part time/full time status is unknown.
    2 - Employed full time/self sufficient, previously employed full time during attendance at adult education agency, or currently working and attending school.
    3 - Provides leadership in job/community.
  3. The nominee has made adult education or had other community contributions.
  4. 0 - None
    1 - Made positive contributions to adult education community or made a positive impression while a student.
    2 - Contributed through volunteer work or other community projects.
    3 - Provided significant community leadership.
  5. The nominee has identified and met life goal(s) as result of completing adult education program
  6. 0 - Completed intermediate steps in adult education coursework.
    1 - Achieved primary goal by completing adult education program.
    2 - Excelled/provided leadership in achievement of goal.
    3 - Adult education achievement was a stepping stone to new goal/higher education/workforce training program.
  7. The nominee has improved life of self/others as result of learning experiences
  8. 0 - Relationship not established between adult education and current life role.
    1 - Direct relationship shown between adult education and improved personal life.
    2 - Examples provided demonstrating how adult education led to positive changes in personal and family life roles.
    3 - Direct cause/effect of improvement in life role as a result of adult education is indicated by multiple and marked examples beyond the individual and immediate family.
  9. The nominee overcame difficult circumstances to pursue adult learning
  10. 0 - No difficult circumstances present.
    1 - Worked to put self through school and/or overcame a personal challenge.
    2 - Overcame multiple barriers/challenges to pursue adult learning.
    3 - Achieved adult education goals in spite of extraordinary hardship.

*Target Score for inclusion in database with 2 readers is 18, with 3 readers is 27, with 4 readers is 36, and so on.