Maria Perez

Burbank Adult School


Maria Perez became a student a Burbank Adult School in 1996. When she first enrolled in the ESL program she spoke limited English. As an older student, Ms. Perez was focused on learning English quickly so that she could advance in the ESL program and successfully transition into the ABE program.

After studying ABE for one year, Ms. Perez entered the High School Diploma program in 1999. Maria was an excellent student who worked hard to finish her diploma classes. In addition to her studies at school, she had family responsibilities. Regardless, she graduated with honors in June of 2000. Maria received an academic award from the California Council of Adult Education (CCAE).

Because she wanted to give back what she had gained, Ms. Perez enrolled in Burbank Adult School’s ROP training program to be an instructional aide. Her enthusiasm led the school to hire her as an instructional aide for the ABE program. Because of her good rapport with students, she has been able to encourage them and inspire them to succeed.

Recently, funding cut backs made it necessary to cut the aide position in the adult school’s ABE classes, but Maria now works in the child care classrooms. Ms. Perez is a hard worker who overcame language barriers and family obligations to achieve her goals.

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