Stephen Hughes

Norwalk-La Mirada Adult School

Nominated in 2024

Hughes It is my privilege to nominate Stephen Hughes for the Students Succeed award. He is in his second semester attending my class without missing any class periods. I have ben able to witness his hard work ethic and his thirst for knowledge. Almost every class he has a new question for me related to welding, whether it is about something from our last lecture or something he researched online in his own time. Even though he has a checkered past and made some bad decisions that eventually landed him in prison, he is determined to turn his life around. He has become someone that his fellow students trust, as well as go to for advise. Stephen is the first to lend a hand to other students or volunteer for any assignment that I may need done. He does this all with a smile on his face and with an outstanding attitude. In his first semester he was able to achieve his first AWS certification by passing a hands on weld test with the Flux Cored process in the 3G position. The current semester he is working towards another AWS certification with the GMAW process and has expressed interest in pursuing and working towards the L.A. City Department of Building & Safety license. He is currently looking for employment as a welder or welders helper. I am confident that if he can get his foot in the door, he will be a valued addition to any crew.
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