Brandon Marroquin

Fresno Adult School

Nominated in 2024

Marroquin I work at Fresno City College as the Adult Education Coordinator. We collaborate with our adult schools to provide transition services. Approximately 2 years ago, I met Brandon while doing a presentation to a GED course he was enrolled in at Central Adult School. The presentation was about transitioning to community college. Brandon asked many questions during the presentation (he was memorable). While following up with students individually, Brandon asked to see me to discuss his options. He came in with a list of questions - all relevant and demonstrated critical thinking skills. At this time, I assisted Brandon with planning for the admissions process. After completing his GED, Brandon enrolled, with the assistance of one of our counselors, at Clovis Community College, another campus in State Center Community College District. His chosen major - Digital Literacy/Computer Technology. Because of his tenacity, he applied for a student employment position and now works at our District Office in the IT Department (while taking courses). So, Brandon went from completing his GED, to community college, to working for our District. Here's the deal - Brandon's story is one of struggle. He dropped out of traditional high school after failing courses. Brandon was a Special Ed Student, diagnosed with ADHD and a speech impediment. Brandon will tell you that he gave up at one point, believing he would never complete a diploma (let alone follow a career path). He also struggled during COVID when online learning was the only option. Somewhere around 2022, Brandon decided to give it another try by enrolling in a local adult school. His teacher encouraged him, as did our staff. I was so impressed with Brandon's resilience (and story), that I asked him to be a part of a local news story on Channel 30 about Fresno City College's Adult Ed Program (we are award winning by CAEP). Brandon was a star! He motivates others who were in his situation. Because of his dedication to his education, and how he wants to encourage others, I have asked him to speak at our upcoming Open House event for Adult Schools students. I encourage you to view the Channel 30 story featuring Brandon. Here is the link:
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