Rosa Torres

R. Rex Parris High School

Nominated in 2023


Rosa Velia Torres is ever faithful in her enthusiasm and desire to learn. A dynamic communicator who excels in her pursuit of learning English as a Second Language, Ms. Rosa is always the first person in the classroom and one of the last to leave. Highly supportive of both staff and students, Ms. Rosa translates, participates, and inspires our education community. Her affable nature and high initiative makes her truly one of a kind. On a personal front, Ms. Rosa is also a loving mom, wife and steadfast lifelong learner.

Born in San Juan de los Lagos, Rosa Velia Torres has been happily married for twenty-one years to the love of her life; they have made many sacrifices while raising two wonderful children together: Julie, 19, and Jose Luis, 14. She chooses to go to school at night for her own personal goals, and to be a role model for her children. Mrs. Torres is very proud of her family and the loving home she and her husband have created.

For enjoyment, she loves dancing, listening to music and walking. She recently started attending a music class in which she will learn more about the flute and saxophone. She aspires to pay off her home, and to read, write and speak English fluently. Rosa has been working in customer service for fifteen years, and wants to master English to enhance her customer communication skills. She loves cooking Mexican food, especially pazole, chile relleno, floutas, and sopes. Cooking brings her wistful joy and comfort as it reminds her of home. She regularly misses her mother and extended family who live in Mexico, and becomes overwhelmed with happiness each year when she prepares for her mother’s annual visit. Ms. Rosa is also active in her church, and regularly volunteers her time to help those in need. Despite many difficult experiences while being immersed in a new culture, she remains charismatic, approachable, resilient and has a strong positive presence. Ms. Rosa's drive to excel and humility is beyond inspirational.

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