Cinthya Duran

South Bay Adult School

Nominated in 2023


Although Cinthya Duran is not currently working, she aspires to be a best-selling author. Her background points to her independent spirit as well as entrepreneurial drive. Cinthya studied fashion design in Tijuana and had a fashion studio for a couple of years there. In addition, she had a successful tailoring business. Later, she owned a dance studio where she wrote, directed and produced children's plays every six months. She also developed a concept for a children's show where she wrote and directed four episodes. During the pandemic, she took scriptwriting lessons which inspired her to write a book called El Foco (The Spotlight).

With this background, Cinthya successfully staged a play for our school, South Bay Adult School (SBAS). Of course, she wrote the play, directed it, designed and made the costumes and created the set. Recruiting members of her ABE class, she diligently rehearsed with them. Needless to say, the morale of the school was uplifted. Our students had never seen such an awesome production and performance. Cinthya inspired so many students that day to pursue their studies, to become fluent English speakers and to achieve those higher ambitions which they previously thought were unattainable. Her confidence and ability to communicate well in English also provided inspiration for our students.

After completing the English classes at South Bay Adult School and passing the GED, Cinthya has enrolled in the local community college. She hopes to complete a degree in creative writing to pursue her passion to write novels. 
Cinthya has accomplished so much at the same time being a single mom 

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