Reem Shabieh

Petaluma Adult School

Nominated in 2023


Reem is originally from Syria. She has faced a number of challenges in the past, including immigrating first to Lebanon and then to the United States almost five years ago with her husband and two daughters. Soon after she arrived in Petaluma in late 2018, she began studying English at Petaluma Adult School. She completed our two highest level ESL classes and then transitioned to our HiSet program while working 38 hours per week as an IHSS caregiver for her father-in-law. She earned her high school equivalency in English in 2022 and enrolled in an ESL Leadership class, which stressed the importance of volunteering in the community. Now, she attends PTA meetings and volunteers for events at her children's elementary school.

In addition to working and helping in the community, she is also pursuing her own goals: earning a degree in business and becoming a U.S. citizen. She enrolled in general education and business administration classes at Santa Rosa Junior College in January of 2023. After finishing an A.A. degree, she wants to transfer to Sonoma State University to complete a bachelor's degree. This fall, after completing five years as a permanent resident, she will enroll in our U.S. Citizenship class and apply for U.S. citizenship. She has clear goals and reaches them, step by step. 

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