Jinhui Wang

MiraCosta Community College Education

Nominated in 2023


Born in Guangzhou, China, Jinhui faced obstacles early in life. When she was only 12 years old, she had to learn to live independently as she was sent to a boarding school. Being away from her parents at such an early age can definitely leave an indelible mark on you. Although Jinhui enjoyed the school and her teachers, she missed her family dearly. Being separated from her parents for six years was a tough pill to swallow. 

As hard work and dedication were always features that Jinhui has known all her life, she made herself a great career when she became a financial analyst in China. Fast forward to 2019, Jinhui’s son moved to the U.S. to study. Again, Jinhui experienced the family separation and harsh childhood memories flooded her soul. Choosing family over everything else, Jinhui decided to move to the US in 2021 to reunite with her son. As a newcomer, she experienced various challenges such as limited conversational English skills that led to difficulty renting a place to live, ordering a meal, opening a bank account, interacting with people, etc. Fortunately, one day, Jinhui found out about the NCESL at MiraCosta College and she immediately enrolled. Even though Jinhui started in the middle of the summer term, she hit the ground running and progressed through our courses quickly and efficiently. The Adult Education Program gave Jinhui the opportunity to get a high quality education, helped her sharpen her language and cultural skills to thrive in the U.S. Also, the ESL program provided Jinhui with the courage and ability to serve the community and overcome any challenges in the future. 

Jinhui is highly determined to pursue her career and earn a Master’s Degree in Accounting. Jinhui’s goal is to find her ability or talent to serve the society.

In all the ESL courses that she took, Jinhui displayed all the attributes of an exemplary student. She always participated actively, collaborated well with her peers, completed her assignments on time, and encouraged her classmates to succeed. Additionally, Jinhui worked tirelessly to edit some of her writing that got published in Expressions, CLC students' magazine, participated in the Diversity Day celebration, and received the National Adult Education Honor Society Award.

Jinhui volunteered in NCESL Level 1 students both remotely and in-person. She was a great source of support and inspiration. Her amazing work ethic, role and experience as an ESL student, and her drive to help others were commendable. 
I cannot find adequate words to express how proud I am of Jinhui's journey! Jinhui is humble, hard-working, and a genuine ambassador of Continuing Education and MiraCosta College. We are all in awe of what Jinhui has accomplished and so proud to have been part of her extraordinary growth!

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