Laila Owens

Moreno Valley Community Adult School

Nominated in 2023


Laila is a concurrent enrollment student. She has recently completed her high school diploma class while enrolled in the Pharmacy Technician program. One of Laila's goals was to obtain employment after graduating from the Pharmacy Technician program, but Laila was able to obtain employment within the pharmacy during the program. She has received a certificate for top performer in the pharmacy through Walgreens and is exceling in her role. She is also doing very well in class and passing all her classes. She also met her goals of obtaining her driver's license and buying herself a car to commute to school and work.

Adult education contributed to the current success of Laila in her work force preparation. Because she enrolled in our program, she was able to obtain a job while attending school which is strengthening her skills in the classroom. Laila comes from a continuation school where she thought she would not graduate high school. She wanted to set a goal for herself and prove herself wrong. Not only did she graduate early, but she will complete the Pharmacy Technician program this June 2023 and has obtained a job in the pharmacy. She was able to buy a car and not have to walk to school which almost made her give up. Laila's future plan is to become a nurse within her community while continuing to work in the pharmacy where she is dispending medication and Covid 19 resources to her patients.

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