Fabiola Gonzalez

Monterey Adult School

Nominated in 2023


Ms. Gonzalez came to The USA as a single woman and has worked very hard throughout her life. After getting married and having three children, she has continued to support her family by working for elderly peple-cleaning their houses and working in a variety of jobs. Her main determination was to support her family, yet also continue with her education to make herself a better person. The recent success of her GED completion exemplifies Ms. Gonzalez's hard work and efforts she not only tries to portray for herself, but also as a way to show a good example for her children. Her determination, hard work and "stick-to-it-ness" has built Fabiola into a person with integrity, great manners and a genuine character worth admiring. Her pursuit of her Certified Nurse Assistant certificate again demonstrates how she continues to think of ways to better herself and open the door to opportunities in her life. Good luck to Ms. Gonzalez with all her pursuits.

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