Ester Abelido

Norwalk-La Mirada Adult School

Nominated in 2023

Abelido Ester was a student in my class as a 68-year-old immigrant from the Philippines. She has a special gift for caring for people and worked as a caregiver after she came to America and decided it was not too late to go to school to further her education and get her certification to get a better paying job. She was a role model and an inspiration for her fellow classmates while she was in class. She never missed a day of class. She was always early to class. Completed all of her work in a timely manner. Never once complained about anything or asked for any special favors because of her age. She even worked part time as a caregiver while she was taking the course. She was able to complete every task that was assigned to her during her clinical training. She was such a pleasure to have in class. At the end of the course she successfully passed her state certification exams in her first try. She has been successfully employed as a CNA ever since. She is still working consistently to this day. She truly enjoys caring for those in need and hopes to continue until she is no longer able. I have a video recording of an interview i did with her to show all of my current classes to encourage them that it is never too late to go back to school to get an education and work towards your goals. She has provided a better life for her self and her family back in the Philippines. Like most immigrants, she worked through so many challenges to reach her goals. She has made a deep impact in my life and she is an inspiration to so many people.
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