Elisa Takagi

Oxnard Adult School

Nominated in 2023

Takagi Elisa decided to enroll in HSE Prep at Oxnard Adult School after being laid off from work. After receiving assistance at OAS's Job and Career Center, she secured a job at Amazon in Oxnard. Unfortunately, she was injured while working on the floor in their warehouse fulfillment center. Elisa is currently on disability. During this time, she prioritized her education. Her faith has sustained her. She volunteers at her local church. Elisa is not your typical OAS student, she's a mother of three adult children and has nine grandchildren. She takes an active role in her grandchildren's education. Elisa's adult education achievement is a stepping stone to her new goal. She plans to attend Oxnard College in the Fall. There is a direct cause/effect of improvement in her life because of adult education. Elisa can now help her grandchildren with their educational goals and serves as a role model for her family. Most importantly, she's achieved her adult education goals despite extraordinary hardship in retaining math concepts and testing anxiety. In fact, it took her four attempts to pass the HiSET Math exam. She was denied accommodations; such as additional testing time. This didn't deter Elisa from her goal of passing Math. She's studied 100+ hours in order to pass the HiSET. I'm proud to recommend Elisa for this award. I've never seen a student work harder to accomplish their educational goals.
Oxnard Adult School Website
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