Yolanda Reyna

Norwalk-La Mirada Adult School

Nominated in 2023


Yolanda started her journey with Norwalk-La Mirada Adult School in 2015, however, her goal to finish her diploma started much earlier. As a teenager, Yolanda had to drop out of high school her freshman year in order to find work to help her family and her education was put on hold. As time went by she started a family and continued to work but she never forgot her goal to earn a high school diploma. Yolanda enrolled with the adult school knowing she needed to complete all her credits.

During her time at the adult school she earned a High school diploma, and had an impressive 3.24 GPA. Yolanda volunteered her time as a Student Board Representative and was selected as class speaker during the graduation ceremony. 

Off campus, Yolanda proved to be a great citizen despite facing adversity. As a cancer survivor with a disability she continued to support her efforts in caring for the homeless, donating blood and publishing her work with the local newspaper. Looking for work is important for Yolanda but she prioritizes her time in order to provide care for her grandchild and is blessed to be able to help her daughter whenever she is needed. She continues to face challenges today but it has not stopped her from setting new goals for herself. Yolanda plans to earn an associate’s degree from a local community college as she has taken interest in Psychology and English classes. 

Yolanda’s continued curiosity and search for academic growth has led to positive changes in her personal life as well. Prior to her adult education, Yolanda was shy and had issues with public speaking and self-confidence. She credits her language arts teacher for creating a learning environment to grow and gain the confidence she needed to overcome her personal obstacles. Furthermore, she has had an improved relationship with her loved ones which she credits her education for helping in expressing herself to others. Self-expression would once cause her frustration and now she is able to express herself in a thoughtful caring manner. Overall, Yolanda is an exceptional example to her peers on campus.

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