Rosemarie VonVain

Moreno Valley Community Adult School

Nominated in 2022


Rosemarie is a student who I had last semester. She worked very hard and was able to complete seven classes (35 credits) in our high school diploma program. Rosemarie did not have an easy time during her youth. As a result, she quit school as she did not have the support of her family and had to work to survive. She shared hardship in poverty, but she believed in herself, and knew her strong work ethic would prevail.

She is currently in a loving and strong relationship with her wife. Rosemarie previously worked nights at a Lowe's warehouse. This schedule worked best for her, allowing her the ability to drive her child and her wife's children to school during the day. This schedule also gave her the opportunity to attend Moreno Valley Community Adult School to finish her high school diploma. She wanted to obtain a diploma for future job promotions that might otherwise not be attainable without a diploma.

Since her graduation, Rosemarie has done very well at The Home Depot. She is the coordinator for conveyable shipping, which oversees the units and flow to ensure all packages are packed accordingly and on time. She has mastered her department to standard to train supervisors and even managers new to the department. Not having her diploma held her back from moving up. Now she is able to be that supervisor within her department.

While attending our adult school, her teacher encouraged her to enroll at the local community college. She felt she was on an educational roll of learning. Recently, she emailed the teacher and informed her that she took her advice and enrolled at Moreno Valley College (MVC). She is now in her second semester. She stated that she is taking classes in deaf culture and ASL (American Sign Language); these will allow her to engage, help, and support others in the community. This was something that she has been interested in learning since childhood.

In her adult school classes, Rosemarie gravitated towards creating Google Slides. She stated that the skills she learned from Google Slides were instrumental in creating a pamphlet in her deaf culture course and receiving an A for her work; she thanked the teacher for introducing her to the skills. It has helped her so much since she gained a deaf associate on her Home Depot team. Rosemarie really enjoyed the experience and enjoyed learning overall while at Moreno Valley Community Adult School.

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