Hong Cam Pham

Eureka Adult School

Nominated in 2022


I first met Hong Cam several years ago when I began teaching ESL at the Eureka Adult School. From the beginning, Hong Cam stood out because of her diligence and perseverance. I was amazed that she was in class every morning, on time; she was living at a homeless shelter run by Betty Chin, a woman who earned a presidential medal for her services to the homeless communities of Humboldt County. Hong Cam made sure that her 5-year-old daughter, Sophia, was in school each day, and that she succeeded at her schoolwork. Sophia was voted the best student in her class for several months of the school year.

On top of that, Hong Cam made it clear to me that her goals were to get a job, an apartment, and a car. She has now succeeded in all those endeavors. She has worked at Timber Ridge, a living facility for seniors. She prepares and serves meals to the residents. The residents love Hong Cam, and they're grateful for her kindness and generosity.

Three months ago, Hong Cam was able to secure housing, a two-bedroom apartment for her and her daughter. The apartment is well-kept and it's in a neighborhood that's safe for her and her daughter.

Two years ago, when we went into lockdown because of COVID, I heard of an organization in McKinleyville that donated used cars to single moms. I gave Hong Cam the contact information for the organization, and she said she would submit an application and continue to be in contact with them. A couple weeks ago, she called me from the DMV, saying that the representative was there with her, registering her new car!

Hong Cam continues to inspire me, and I'm so grateful that I have been able to be her teacher.

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