Maricela Garcia

Moreno Valley Community Adult School

Nominated in 2021


Maricela Garcia completed her High School Diploma program during COVID isolation, completing 11 online, Odysseyware classes between August 2020 and January 2021. She expresses her appreciation for the Moreno Valley Community Adult School HSD program, and for her teacher, Ms. Haidee Murphy, as they allowed her the flexibility to access her HSD classes while assisting her six children with their own virtual studies. Maricela describes the health crisis as "a challenge, a curse, and a blessing." She says, "It has brought me the opportunity to concentrate on my education and help my children with their studies as well. I was able to finally finish my journey of earning a high school diploma and my future plans are to obtain a better job. Words can't express how I feel. I am excited, happy, and overwhelmed with joy. It wasn't easy. I can say it wasn't easy being a wife, a mother of six kids, and having a full-time job. I did break down, but I did it. Having my high school diploma will open up doors for me to a better life!"

Maricela Garcia is employed full-time at Farmer Boys Restaurants and currently works as a manager of a local store. She has completed her DACA application and is waiting to learn of her acceptance, after which she plans to attend a local university to become a teacher for students with Special Needs (as one of her own children is autistic).

Maricela has made significant contributions to the Moreno Valley Community Adult School as she has been featured in our district "Year in Review" publication as well as in the N&R Publication for Adult Education agencies in Riverside County (through the auspices of the Riverside "About Students" Regional Consortium for Adult Education). Maricela is helping to get the word out about what education can do for any adult learner who wants to improve their current situation.

Maricela expressed that Adult Education helped her to reach a goal that she has longed for, and she is using this milestone achievement as a stepping-stone to her next goal - that of entering university studies so she can finally reach her dream of having a career in the field of education, specializing in helping students with Special Needs.

Maricela's accomplishments have demonstrated how adult education has improved her situation, and she considers herself to be a positive example of success for her children, her friends, her extended family, her co-workers, and her fellow adult students. Her education has improved her prospects for attaining higher education and reaching career goals. Maricela firmly believes that adult education has helped her to improve her own life and the future lives of her children who saw how dedicated "mommy" was as she completed her high school diploma classes. Maricela has achieved her adult education goal of earning her high school diploma.

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