Kelli Barry

Castro Valley Adult and Career Education

Nominated in 2021


Kelli enrolled in Castro Valley Adult Career and Education to pursue her passion to be in the medical field. Her goal is to become a Pediatric Doctor in the future by finishing up at Cal State East Bay and transferring to medical school. She is working to achieve this by working at one of her dream jobs now at Stanford Hospital in a Pediatric Clinic and attending school at night. She had no problem finding a job because of the excellent teaching and care she received at the adult school. They set up her internship before she graduated, and she was able to get excellent on the job experience from Kaiser Hospital. Kelli completed the Clinic Medical Assistant program and Clinical Medical Office Support and passed the CCMA state licensing exam. Since then, things have only gotten better for her career goals.

She made life-time relationships with her fellow students, and they continue to keep in touch as their careers grow. She also has had opportunities to go back to the school and talk to new students who are currently taking classes and giving them encouragement.

Castro Valley Adult Career and Education has given her every opportunity through their programs to achieve the goals she set for herself. Their support and caring are still there for her today if she needs them.

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