Adrianna Carrillo

Fontana Adult School

Nominated in 2019


Adrianna Carrillo went through some very difficult situations growing up. She lived in and made it through the foster care system. She somehow learned to survive and get through her extremely tough upbringing, continue her education with us at Fontana Adult School, and finish her programs. Adrianna received a certificate of completion from the group home school that she attended, but that was not what she wanted. Adrianna was determined to finish school and receive her high school diploma from us at Fontana Adult School. She will be graduating in May of this year and will be one of our keynote speakers.

Adrianna battles health issues, but she still managed to come to class and finish her work on time and received multiple awards from the California Highway Patrol and certificates from her teachers as well. She will now continue her schooling and has enrolled in college. The whole time Adrianna was attending our school, she would always thank her mother-in-law, fiancé, and parents for helping her and pushing her to finish school. The one thing that Adrianna dreamed was to walk down a stage and receive her high school diploma with her family watching her.

What makes Adrianna unique is her willingness to continue after finishing her program with us here at Fontana Adult School to continue in law. She wants to go into law enforcement and work with people who, like her, have experienced trauma and are seeking justice. She wants to give back to her community and has been volunteering at the Adult School with her fellow students even after her graduation.

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