Mohammad Hossain

LAUSD/DACE - Harbor Occupational Center

Nominated in 2016


Mohammad Hossain attended the evening academic program in March 2015 at Banning Adult Learning Center, a satellite of Harbor Occupational Center in Los Angeles. He passed both the ESL placement testing and the TABE test with excellent scores. Mohammad finally enrolled in Reading Programs 2 and 3. He was very helpful and attentive to other ESL students who wanted to learn iPads in their classrooms.

The adult teachers would come and ask for his assistance in problem-solving internet connectivity and other computer-related issues. He enjoys being able to share his technical knowledge to people in his community. Mohammad has promoted and advertised Banning school to his new-found friends and neighbors. As a new resident of Wilmington City, Mohammad tries his very best to learn all about the programs and classes at Harbor Occupational Center and tells the people within his circle of influence about striving to succeed in life by going back to adult school.

Mr. Hossain is very proud to say that he has completely adjusted himself to the American way of life. That is, try and try until you succeed! He never gives up, even if there is the tremendous loneliness because he is so far away from his family in Bangladesh. His future goals make him move forward and never look back on the frustrations and disappointments that he experienced when he started in America.

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