Laura Perea

Downey Adult School

Nominated in 2016


Laura Perea was a stay-at-home mom raising four children, including one son who is wheelchair bound due to cerebral palsy. Because of his profound cerebral palsy his level of care added significantly to her duties as a homemaker, mother, and wife. She is always cheerful and ready to lend a hand to anyone who needed help.

The challenges of her husband losing employment and the need to sell their home to use the equity moved her to decide to pursue her life dream to become a licensed vocational nurse (LVN). With the help and support of her husband and family she entered the Vocational Nursing Program at Downey Adult School (DAS). This program is a year-long course of study requiring 32 hours a week of classroom instruction and clinical hands-on training.

This does not take into account the hours that Laura put in to study and prepare for her exam and also the volunteer activities in which she participated. She managed her time wisely balancing school and personal family commitments. Laura emerged as a natural leader to become her class’ most valuable member by stepping-up to help others.

She assisted other students by participating in study groups and also helping others understand the course material. When a student needed help, whether it was in the classroom or in their personal life, she always extended a helping hand. Laura became known as the "Class Mom" willing to help others with their studies, community service, and life. She was the first to say "yes" and the last to leave.

During the time she was a student she participated in several volunteer events. During the Special Olympics she participated in first aid stations in the city of Downey (host to the Ireland delegation), Care Harbor Los Angeles Health Fair, and many Downy Unified School District events, just to name a few. Laura has successfully completed the vocational nursing program at DAS and is preparing to take the state exam. Completing Vocational Nursing School put her one step closer to achieving her ultimate goal of becoming a Registered Nurse. Soon she will be a licensed vocational nurse (LVN) in the State of California. Once she obtains her LVN she wants to work with elderly patients in a skilled facility or in a clinic where she can continue to help others in need.

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