Colleen Bedrosian

South San Francisco Adult Education

Colleen Bedrosian believes that every person has is or her own unique purpose in life. When she was diagnosed with breast cancer in December 1997, Colleen felt her diagnosis was a “wake-up call to give her life more meaning and purpose."

Colleen had always wanted to learn computers, but having owned and operated a restaurant for 27 years, she had never been able to find the time. So, she sold her San Francisco restaurant and quit working. Now, she had the time to go back to school.

In 1999, Colleen signed up for a computer class at South San Francisco Adult Education. Her first computer class was Computer Literacy/Windows 98. She describes her experience there as “a gateway to a new life”. After completing several more computer classes, Colleen felt confident enough to purchase her own equipment.

Colleen was able to combine her newly gained computer skills with her desire to help the community by joining the Millbrae Lions Club where she did clerical work including preparing newsletter, flyers, and mailing out notices to other members. In 2001, Colleen transferred to the South San Francisco Lions Club where she was nominated “Lion of the Year” for her outstanding service. As the secretary of the Lions Club, she publishes bulletins, puts together monthly meeting agendas, and even writes speeches for the president of the club.

Colleen is living proof that with faith, hope, and determination, you can succeed in anything. Five years after beating cancer, she has a new appreciation for life. She says, “I believe you are never given anything you can’t handle. Even though I was dealt a difficult card, I felt like I can make the most of it.”

Colleen is a life-long learner, still attending computer classes, and still setting new goals. Her current goal is to create a Web page for the South San Francisco Lions Club and to implement a computerized system to keep track of the organizations monthly expenses.

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