Livier Ixta

MiraCosta College Community Education

Livier Ixta began her quest to master the English language in the spring of 1997. She began taking classes in the Adult High School Diploma Program with the intention of improving her English and somehow found herself completing the requirements for her high school diploma. As a divorced parent with two young children, this was a difficult task. Her goal was further complicated after suffering a stroke in 1998 which left the right side of her body paralyzed.

For two months after the stroke, Livier remained in the hospital. When she was finally released, she needed a 24 hr. caregiver. With the help of her mother, family, and a part-time nurse, Livier was able to recover the majority of her health after about two years. Livier not only had to recover her physical health but she also had to re-master her native Spanish language and the English that she had struggled so hard to master. Even after encountering this major obstacle, Livier persevered earning her high school diploma from the MiraCosta College Adult High School Diploma Program in July of 2000.

Unable to work during her recovery period Livier struggled with daily living and wanted to feel productive while helping others. She began volunteering her time to keep her mind occupied and her body agile. Livier has volunteered in many capacities and she has earned several volunteer awards. She was honored by the Philanthropy Council in 2000 as Volunteer of the Year for serving in a research center called Being Alive. In 2001 she served as a Senator in the MiraCosta College Associated Student Government and also received a Service Learning Achievement Award. Volunteering has helped her grow as a person and has enriched her life.

Once Livier reached her goal of obtaining her high school diploma, she set her sights on earning an Associates Degree from MiraCosta College. She began in the fall of 2000, and met her goal three years later in the summer of 2003 when she completed the requirements for an A.A. degree in Social/Behavioral Sciences. Feeling like she had undergone a metamorphosis and become a new person, Livier was empowered by her education and knew that she was now a good example to her children and siblings. She has continued improving her English speaking ability, looks forward to establishing more goals, and works hard to motivate others. Having begun her student career as a second language learner, she believes that she can be a living example to other students.

Currently, Livier holds in a part-time, temporary position at MiraCosta College as an Instructional Aide. She is also enrolled in the teacher-credentialing program at California State University, San Marcos.  Her goal is to eventually teach English as a Second Language and encourage adult students to pursue their educational goals.

Livier has overcome the usual difficult circumstances that most students experience. Frustrations due to the lack of money, time, childcare, plus transportation problems have often led her to think about giving up on her education. She is frustrated by not being able to dedicate as much time as she would like to her children. Her frustration subsides however, when she looks back and revels in the realization of how far she has come and how much she has accomplished. During the most difficult times, she reenergizes herself and somehow finds the inner strength to continue and accomplish her goals. As she continues, new goals are created and someday Livier hopes to earn a Master’s Degree in Education.

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