Lauren Brouillette

Bakersfield Adult School


No one is more surprised in her interest in medicine than, Lauren Brouillette. As a freshman in high school, she started in the health careers academy with the idea that she would go into nursing. However, just a bit into it, she decided nursing was not for her. . . too much work; she dropped out of the academy. Back in the traditional class schedule, Lauren found herself struggling with school. Her reasons were varied, but mostly she didn’t like the structure and the studying. “That’s why I am so shocked I’m into school now,” says Lauren.

The additional surprise is that Lauren, age 22, really enjoys being involved in the Vocational Nursing Program at Bakersfield Adult School. What accounts for this change of heart was the week and a half she spent in the hospital during her junior year of high school. “Going through the surgery and seeing the importance of the work that nurses do made a big impact on me.”

Lauren still had some work ahead of her in order to graduate from high school. However, now she had the beginnings of a goal in mind that would sustain her until she earned her high school diploma in June, 2003.

Lauren entered the Bakersfield Adult School in 2005. She says the adult school is giving her the foundation she needs to continue reaching her goal. She enrolled in the Nurse Assistant program, which she successfully completed before taking the state certification test. While at the adult school, she also completed other coursework as a prerequisite to nursing school. Lauren is now enrolled in the adult school’s Vocational Nurse program.

In addition to the time she spends both in the classroom and at the clinical site, Lauren is also working as a CNA at a local hospital. Even though this is a lot a work, she is diligent in keeping up with all these commitments, plus volunteering at the local museum. I
"Having already become a CNA enables me to earn the money I need so I can be self-supporting and continue my education. Once I become licensed as a vocational nurse, I will use that training to pay for the rest of my nurse's training.

“Somewhere along the line, during my time in the BAS nursing program, I have changed my goal a little bit. Originally I planned to become a registered nurse, now I want to be a physician's assistant. I want to go higher in medicine. I found my calling and enjoy learning more about nursing [and other aspects of medicine]", says Lauren. "My ultimate goal now is to get my bachelor's degree, which I need to be a physician's assistant. I am looking at Davis and Stanford."

Lauren says she still faces the challenge of fitting everything in, but her priorities are school and work. "It's hard finding the time for family and friends, but they are very supportive."

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