Eva Jeng

LAMP Literacy


Eva Jeng was an elementary school teacher for twelve years in Taiwan. But when she came to the United States several years ago, she couldn't even read the menu correctly and was too timid to order a hamburger in a fast food restaurant. The biggest shock came when Eva tried to earn a living in Monterey Park. She found difficulty landing a teaching job from any school district because she didn't have any degrees or licenses here. Thanks to the LAMP Literacy Program, Eva J eng attended an Intermediate ESL and an Advanced ESL class for two and a half years to improve her English skills.

After two and a half years of reading and listening to native tongues, Eva started to catch up her basic daily English. She really liked the meaningful and useful handouts. Then Eva learned to expose herself to English in many different forms: music, magazines, radio, TV, Internet and literature. In the class, they talked about all different articles in English. Eva gradually felt more confident in herself, and she tried to not to be afraid of failure. She learned how to open her mind to different points of view from strangers as well as from family, friends, and relatives. Last of all, Eva never gave up her goals of passing the National Teacher Examination to become a teacher here.

The LAMP Literacy Program had such an impact on Eva's life. After completing both classes, Eva entered a graduate school at the University of New Mexico and earned her Master's degree in Special Education. She also received a teaching credential in New Mexico. After Eva received her teaching credential in New Mexico and taught five years there, Eva passed the CBEST and became a Special Education Resource Specialist at EI Monte City School District in California.

Realizing the importance the literacy has had on her own life, Eva now teaches an Advanced ESL class as a volunteer on Saturdays at the LAMP Literacy Program. She wants to help others who find themselves struggling as she did years ago. Eva has overcome poverty, disappointment and desperation. She has chosen education as her career because she likes to teach and share her experience with people. She knows that she can be a positive and useful part of this great nation. Just as education has helped her, Eva hopes to use education to help her students and adult learners.

After all, education will impact the future of this country and will help all of us attain and continue living the American Dream.