Patty Gamba

LAUSD/DACE - West Valley Occupational Center


If one word could best describe Patty Gamba, it is "entrepreneur." A second word would be "motivating." Well before this native of Ecuador graduated from May Lahham's 2nd class in Advanced Skin Care, she had attained a certain stature in both the business and medical communities. Newly armed with her BA degree, Patty initially embarked on a fast-paced career path as a trader on the N.Y. Stock Exchange. When she moved to Southern California, her desire for independence pulled her toward the field of worker's comp and personal injury. She did so well in that venture, that she felt the logical next step was to test her abilities in the medical field as a clinic administrator for a large corporation. She then evolved into a hospital setting by becoming director of the women's health department for a sizable group of local facilities. In Patty's words, "I had always envisioned myself as being established in the corporate world, and while that happened, I also needed to apply myself in other areas that were even more satisfying. All of my prior experience gave me the empowerment to continue to push boundaries."

Along the way, Patty developed her own line of skincare products she labeled "Dermix." She explains her primary reason for enrolling at West Valley was to get the training required for her to receive an esthetician’s license. She regards May Lahham as an "inspiration," a feeling that is mutual. Patty has been invited to return as a motivational guest speaker at advanced skin care class graduations, an opportunity she heartily welcomes. "I tell the students to work on building their confidence first; with knowledge comes self esteem. The secret behind it all is, you must love and believe in whatever you do." When Patty needed to staff her impressive new medical spa, she knew just who to call for filling those positions.

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