Jennifer Cardoza

Sunnyvale-Cupertino Adult and Community Education

Jennifer Cardoza entered our medical program in October of 2004. She began her studies as a young, new mother of a baby girl who was seeking an opportunity to change her life. Jennifer was on a life-changing mission. She had four goals in mind. Her goals were to transition into the medical field, learn new skills, complete the Health Unit Coordinator Program, and find a full time career. Jennifer was interested in the medical profession and began the Health Unit Coordinator Certificate Program. She excelled, receiving top grades even though she was spending long nights up with her infant daughter.

Jennifer was dependable, prompt, prepared and equipped to learn each class. Jennifer preferred to participate actively with others when learning. Her instructor Nancy Shepherd remembers that Jennifer enjoyed discussions and participating in a variety of learning activities. Jennifer was an enthusiastic learner who was able to develop new capacities quickly, discovered fresh ways of thinking, and achieved new levels of performance. Jennifer added a youthful outlook and energy to the entire class.  She enrolled in additional medical courses that included Medical Terminology and CPR. She was an exemplary student and her interaction with other students often included empathy, and understanding.

In May, 2005, Jennifer was hired at a Sunnyvale dental office. Jennifer was a bit apprehensive about transferring the theory she'd learned in the Health Unit Coordinator course to a dental administrative position in a dental office. She is now successfully using the newly acquired skills and has met her four learning goals.

Jennifer was pleased to inform us that she has received numerous pay increases and is being given the opportunity to be trained in dental x-ray and dental surgery procedures. Her options are limitless. Jennifer credits the instruction she has received at Sunnyvale Cupertino Adult Education with providing her the vocational instruction that was based on the real world and believes she was given the tools to move in a new career with a bright future. She is on her way to providing financial security and independence for her daughter and herself

Jennifer's plans for the future are to continue to work for at the dental office, and watch her daughter grow and learn. She will maximize every learning opportunity, which will allow her to invest in learning today for tomorrow's success. We feel confident that Jennifer will use her intelligence and capability to succeed in any endeavor she chooses.

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