California Adult Education Agency Nomination Evaluation Rubric:

Rubric component 3 2 1 0
The nominee is employed. Got a job, got a better job or promotion and increased wages due to adult education. Employed full time/self-sufficient and attending adult education courses concurrently. Part-time employee, volunteer, providing care as a parent/guardian. Unemployed or work status unclear.
The nominee has made positive contributions in adult education or other community projects. Provided significant adult education or community leadership. Volunteered at adult education and/or within the community. Made a positive impression or contribution to adult education community. No contributions mentioned.
The nominee has identified and met further education, training, or career goals as a result of completing their adult education program. Adult education achievement was a stepping stone to new goal/higher education/workforce training or career goal. Achieved primary goal by completing adult education program/s. Making noticeable progress in adult education coursework. Completed some adult education coursework but unclear in its relation to goals.
The nominee has improved life of self/others because of learning experiences. Direct cause/effect of improvement in life role because of adult education. Nomination indicates multiple and marked examples beyond the individual and immediate family. Examples provided demonstrating how adult education led to positive changes in personal and family life roles. Direct relationship shown between adult education and improved personal life. Relationship not established between adult education and current life role.
The nominee overcame difficult challenges to pursue adult learning. Achieved adult education goals despite extraordinary hardship. Overcame multiple barriers/challenges to pursue adult learning. Worked to put self through school and/or overcame a personal challenge. No difficult circumstances indicated in nomination.