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Twin Rivers Adult School

formerly Grant Adult Education

3222 Winona Way
North Highlands, CA 95660
Phone: (916) 286-3800
Fax: (916)-286-3885

Grant Adult Education serves a large and diverse student community. We take pride in a wide range of courses that offer every student a window of opportunity for lifetime learning. Many students come to us with the idea of simply passing the GED exam; and then leave after earning a high school diploma, gaining a vocational certificate or two, or honing new parenting skills. At present our WASC accredited program at two sites and several satellite locations encompasses the following subjects:

Academic Education — Basic Education, High School Completion, English as a Second Language

Vocational Training — Computer Applications, Nursing, Food Service, Forklift, Building & Construction Trades, Printing, Building Maintenance, Maritime Training

Personal Growth — Family Literacy, Anger Management, Batterer's Treatment, Motorcycle Safety, Parenting, KEYS, Accessing Community Resources and Community Band for Older Adults, Life Skills for Adults with Disabilities

Community Partnerships — Refugee Employment Services, Sacramento Sheriff 's Department, Mutual Assistance Network, NCCT, Teichert Construction, NCOA

Day and evening classes plus independent study and distance learning programs offer both open and scheduled entry/exit into classes. In open entry/exit classes, students can work at their own pace and on their own time schedules. Progress is ensured and monitored by regular meetings with teachers and counselors.

Students succeed in their quests here because teachers are coaches and mentors, not just instructors. Our teachers are very creative, utilizing multiple teaching strategies and incorporating multi-media techniques whenever possible, they make the course material come alive for students. Dedicated to the success of their students, teachers take extra time and give extra effort to work individually with each and every student.

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