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Turlock Adult School

1574 East Canal Drive
Turlock, CA 95380
Tel (209) 667-0643

Adult education in our community, that is the focus of Turlock Adult School. Programs are offered to adults of all ages. They have diverse educational backgrounds and come from several countries. Some adult students work on improving their skills in the English language, while some earn high school diplomas or General Educational Development (GED) certificates. Many students learn new skills for employment or expand personal talents in the arts and homemaking areas.

Leada Allahwerdi's success at Turlock Adult School is not attributable to a single teacher, class, or program. In the ESL Program, Leada learned to speak English. She took classes from more than one teacher at different levels. When her English reached a fluency that allowed her to participate in academic classes, she enrolled in High School diploma classes. Again, taking a variety of classes from several different teachers as she earned her diploma.

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