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Tri-Community Adult Education

Tri-Community Adult Education
342 South Fourth Ave.
Covina, California
Phone: (626) 974-6801

Griswold Adult Center
16209 E. San Bernardino Rd.
Covina, California
Phone: (626) 472-7681

Tri-Community Adult Education is the adult education program for three school districts located in the Southern California communities of Covina and West Covina. The three districts, with a combined ADA just over 3,000, are Charter Oak USD, Covina-Valley USD, and West Covina USD.

Tri-Community Adult Education offers a variety of programs from ESL, ABE, and high school diploma to parent ed, ceramics and weaving. Many vocational education programs such as, court reporting, office occupations, welding, photography, bookkeeping, tax preparation, real estate, and cabinetmaking are also offered.

Tri-Community Adult Education is proud to be one of only six programs in California to receive official recognition as a Certified Shorthand Reporter (CSR)
approved program by the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA). Program graduates are employed by deposition agencies, various court systems, and work as free-lance reporters.

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