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Stockton School for Adults

This school year colleagues will celebrate the sesquicentennial (1856-2006) of adult education services throughout California. Stockton School for Adults has been providing quality adult education services since 1874 in the San Joaquin Valley. Last year the Stockton School for Adults served 8,500 students representing approximately 59 countries.

Our mission to the community is to help students succeed in life and to enable students to successfully meet their academic, personal and career goals. We invite you to enroll in one of our classes to earn a high school diploma or GED certificate, to improve computer skills, to identify career education opportunities , to learn to communicate in English or to help your child succeed in school. We also provide an exemplary English as a Second Language (ESL) program for adults to learn to communicate effectively in English. This program was distinguished by the California Department of Education in 2003 as a Program of Excellence. Stockton School for Adults is dedicated to providing quality educational services.

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