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Santa Clara Adult Education

Santa Clara Adult Education
Santa Clara Unified School District
1840 Benton Street
Santa Clara, CA 95050
(408) 423-3500

The Computer Office Skills Program (COS) is one of three programs in Santa Clara Adult Education's Career and Technical Education (CTE) program. Assisting students to become productive workers is the primary goal of CTE. All curriculum is clearly consistent with this important adult role through the instruction of highly transferable skills, such as effective communication and problem-solving competencies, as well as by an emphasis on the need to pursue lifelong learning through continued participation in career and technical training and other educational programs. Objectives are clear. Each lesson targets the acquisition of one or more specific vocational skills that have been previously identified as required in the workplace. As each skill is addressed, teachers and students discuss how and when it can and should be used in the workplace setting. Students are then given the task of demonstrating their newfound skills in a practical manner.

Seeking to mirror a positive workplace environment, the vocational classroom environment reflects the values that make a company successful. Teachers encourage students to become independent learners, helping them to find the answers for themselves whenever possible. Teachers strive to create a classroom climate which reflects mutual respect for teacher and student, sensitivity to cultural differences, acknowledgment of different ability levels, teamwork approach, active participation, positive reinforcement, varied activities, continual instructional adjustment, positive interaction, continuous monitoring of student performance, clear, understandable explanations. and suitable transitions between varied instructional activities.Teachers model continuous learning, constantly acquiring new skills, while guiding students through the curriculum.

SCAE collaborates with a great many organizations and agencies in the area of workforce development and vocational training. CTE works with Santa Clara Social Services (CalWorks), NOVA Workforce Investment Board (WIB), Employment Development Department (EDD), CONNECT (local one-stop) Chamber of Commerce, Santa Clara County Collaborative on Homeless Issues, Packard Foundation, Jewish Vocational Services, Santa Clara Libraries, District Schools, Lockheed, Kaiser, West Med, and Boston Reed.

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