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San Leandro Adult School

Broadmoor Parent Preschool was established in 1939. Since 1952 San Leandro Adult School has co sponsored Broadmoor Parent Preschool. Under the laws of the state of California, Broadmoor is a 503C. The Broadmoor Rules and Regulations and By-laws provide for a board of trustees and committee members, who are also adult school students, managing the day-to-day operation of this program. Enrolled parents are responsible for day-to-day preschool operations such as daily maintenance and upkeep, purchasing instructional materials and fundraising.

California credentialed teachers, employees of San Leandro Adult School, provide parent education curriculum and instruction for the enrolled adult parents. The program includes a daytime preschool with parent participation and evening classes. Each adult student must participate in the nursery school lab and attend evening parent education classes. Hourly adult attendance is reported to the state to help fund this parent education program.

The goal of the parent education program is to provide parents with tools to promote healthy development of their children and enhance the quality of family relationships. Instructional units include topics such as ages and stages of child development, positive parent communication, effective discipline, school and community resources, which promote the importance of parent involvement in their children's education as advocates for the children and as active participants in the school system.

Year after year, the Broadmoor Parent Pre School successfully prepares adults to become more confident parents and active partners in the schools and in the community. The Broadmoor parent education program offers multiple opportunities for adults to gain individual and team skills. Parents acquire parenting knowledge and valuable team skills while participating in this nursery school setting. As a result of enrolling in this program many participants develop confidence and leadership abilities that can be used in the workplace, the community and in other schools. Traditionally, Broadmoor parents have left our parent preschool program to continue participation in K-12 as P.T A. Presidents and strong leaders on school- site councils. We are proud to offer this quality parent education program which is considered by many to be a part of the family tradition where families can enroll generations after generations.

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