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Redlands Adult School

7 West Delaware Ave.
Redlands, CA 92373
Phone:(909) 748-6930

Redlands Adult School has been offering high school diploma program for well over 50 years. Prior to 1979, separate classes for each required course were offered in the evenings. Students were expected to attend all classes and complete assignments. Nancy Greening was grateful for such a great program and for the principal and teachers who were so helpful and accepting. Another graduate of the class of '61 stated that it was a wonderful program that gave her a second chance; she continued her education and earned a doctorate in public health. None of the staff members from that time are currently at Redlands Adult School, however; former principal, Jack Binkley, is still well-respected for leading a successful program.


The guiding philosophy at Redlands Adult School is to serve the immediate and long-term educational goals of the individual and the community. The adult school provides opportunities for participants to become proficient in meeting their responsibilities, to obtain training and skills for employment, to become knowledgeable consumers, parents and citizens, and to become lifelong learners.


To provide life-long educational opportunities and services through programs which support the overall goals of the Redlands Unified School District and respond to the unique needs of each individual in an increasingly diverse population.

The individualized, self-paced High School Diploma/GED Program is called PRIDE. It was started in 1979 and has grown to 1100 students per year. There are morning, afternoon and evening classes where students study high school subjects to earn credits for a high school diploma. The program also includes Independent Study for students who are experiencing barriers to attendance in class. Technology has become an integral element in the program with the goal that all students use computers or videos while taking courses. There are opportunities for students to study using workbooks, computers, worksheets, textbooks, art materials and videos. Small group instruction in math and writing are available to students needing a more structured learning environment.

We feel that student success can be attributed to the personal attention given to everyone in the PRIDE program. The counselor, teachers, instructional paraprofessionals, volunteers, registrar, program co-chairpersons and principal all work together to provide an environment conducive to learning and achieving while taking a personal interest in each student. They provide a challenging curriculum and the support services necessary for students to be successful. We are proud of the accomplishments of our students and they are proud of themselves. This sense of self­confidence and pride motivates them to continue their education.

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