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Petaluma Adult School

Petaluma Adult School's central staff of four, Principal Carol Waxman, Assistant Principal Claudia Callwood, Secretary Holly Camozzi, and Records Clerk Pam Ponting, works collaboratively to provide the optimal program for the needs of the community. The school provides opportunities for students to pursue their goals and realize their. The content of classes center on the CASAS Competencies and the ESL Model Standards. Instruction is structured around the six basic areas: Consumer Economics, Community Resources, Health, Employment, Government & Law, and Social Language. Teaching content is student-centered; basic areas taught were determined by assessing students' needs and preferences. Consequently, while the lessons are structured and thematic, they also correlate with student preferences.

Delivery the ESL classes follows traditional lesson plan sequencing. Each lesson begins with a `warm-up' to generate interest. The teachers present lessons that integrate direct instruction with active student participation. The methods include pair-share, oral presentations, Internet projects, video-generated discussions, and group projects. In addition, the classes arrange field trips that corresponded to the EL Civics objectives taught. For example, students learn English in the context of accessing and using the health care system. They become familiar with basic health and safety procedures, basic principals of health maintenance, understanding medical and dental forms and related information, and how to select and use medications. Using this thematic approach to learning English gives students opportunities to also visit local on-site destinations that correlate with the theme, such as the local hospital.

The adult school diploma program is designed to allow student to take classes that satisfy California Department of Education requirements for graduation. The student can enter at any level and have a flexible schedule arranged. Petaluma Adult School is an accredited high school of the Petaluma Joint Union High School District. Flexibility within the adult school permits students to earn their diploma though the voluntary educational alternative of Independent Study.

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