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Mt. Diablo Adult Education

Mt. Diablo Adult Education is committed to providing lifelong learning opportunities for adults of all ages and abilities to achieve their educational, employment, community, and personal goals. Our school environment fosters opportunities for students to:

  • set and progress toward their goals,
  • achieve a measurable increase in knowledge and proficiency in their subject areas,
  • identify acquired skills and apply them outside the classroom,
  • access resources and information required to meet their goals, and
  • interact effectively in a diverse community.

Mt. Diablo's adult English as a Second Language population, approximately 4,000 students in 2004-2005, is one of great diversity. Our students vary in their ethnic, educational, and socioeconomic backgrounds and in their primary languages and ages. They come to the United States for political, economic, or personal reasons. Students come from all parts of the globe, representing over 95 different countries. The majority of our students attend class at our main campus, Loma Vista Adult Center, in Concord while more than 800 of our ESL students attend class at one of our many satellite locations in the Mt. Diablo Unified School District.

Our ESL program at Loma Vista Adult Center offers eight levels of English classes, from the basics of the alphabet and numbers to the advanced levels for student preparing for college or a career. Classes are taught in English and integrate EL-Civics objectives and technology. In each level, students develop their English skills through reading, writing, listening, and speaking activities in order to get a job, progress at work, participate in the community, help their children in school, and accomplish other personal goals. Classes are offered in the morning, afternoon, and evenings. The ESL program is an open entry/exit, partially managed enrollment, program. Students may register and enter most classes throughout the year based upon space availability. In addition to beginning, intermediate, and advanced ESL classes, we offer special interest English for Specific Purposes (ESP) classes, such as vocational ESL, citizenship preparation, American culture, and orientation classes.

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