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Monterey Adult School

222 Casa Verde Way 
Monterey, CA 93940
Tel (831) 373-4600

The Monterey Adult School High School Diploma Program at the Del Monte Education Center is a flexible, versatile lab setting where students are able to work on individualized lessons to accomplish their own personal goals and objectives. For various reasons, many students who come to study with us are not always comfortable in a standard classroom setting. Many have never truly enjoyed, or even liked, school, so staff provides a warm, inviting environment where each student is made to feel welcome and truly a valued member of their class and school.

Students may work on high school diploma in the classroom or by independent study, prepare for the GED tests, or learn basic computer and office skills. Because of the lab setting, two teachers, Sharry Lauter and Paulette Gardner, are available to give individual attention to students.

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