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Monrovia Adult School

The Academic Program

In the Academic Lab students are either preparing for the GED, working on credits to obtain their high school diplomas, or refreshing basic skills to take and pass the CBEST. The Lab staff consists of one teacher and one teacher's aide at any given time during the day. Our objective is to assist students one-on-one with their course work and answer any questions that they might have. But more importantly, our job is to keep the students motivated and attending. This is extremely challenging with adults who have very busy lives of their own.

A Day in the Life of a Student

When a new student enters the classroom for the first time, we know that it is a courageous step that he/she has just taken. Most of the students have not been in a traditional school setting for years. It is very likely that their last school experience was not a good one. It is, therefore, the Lab staff's role to make them feel comfortable and welcome. We want them to know right from the start that we are approachable and they need never fear asking a question.

All new students are introduced to the classroom procedures. We thoroughly go over what is expected of them. Next comes assessment. All students are assessed to better tailor the course work to their skill aptitude. This is the benefit that Adult Schools have. We can adjust the curriculum to meet the needs of the students. For example, if a student is very strong in reading comprehension, but poor in writing and grammar, we will put more emphasis on writing and grammar.

Once assessed, we give students a course contract that explains and delineates what is necessary to successfully reach their goals. All assignments, tests, and projects must be passed with a 70% average or above. If students do not meet this goal, the teacher goes over the subject content more thoroughly to make sure that they better understand it. They then redo the assignment for a passing grade.

To make the teaming experience more interesting, various methods of learning styles have been incorporated. Therefore, the students acquire their knowledge by using computer programs, videos, Internet activities and labs, books, stories on tape, group lessons, cross-curricular and cross-cultural materials, computer projects, and more. Variety makes teaming much more enjoyable. The teachers also offer two or three workshops a week on pertinent topics to get the students more involved.

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