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MiraCosta College Community Education

MiraCosta Community College has been the primary provider of adult education for the communities of Oceanside and Carlsbad since the early '70's. We offer some courses in each of the nine authorized areas of noncredit adult education.

Greater Avenues for Independence (GAIN) was a program offered in partnership with our county department of social services, what is now the San Diego Workforce Partnership, Inc. and the various adult schools and community colleges in the county that provided assessment, counseling, and instruction. Its purpose was to move single mothers who were receiving welfare assistance into jobs that would make it possible for them to support themselves and their children without public assistance. The instructional component included remediation in math and English, including ESL, plus workability skills. The county assigned a specific case manager to the program who provided the liaison between the faculty and staff and the county for the benefit of the student. Basic skills assessment and counseling (both personal and career) were provided to each student. Assessment for identification of learning disabilities and support for students with disabilities was provided.

Vocational English as a Second Language (VESL) is designed to prepare students for enrollment and support students enrolled in MiraCosta's vocational programs and courses. We have a full-time faculty member with a specialization in VESL who works with the vocational faculty to develop the appropriate curriculum, as well as a nationally recognized noncredit ESL program coordinated by Sylvia Ramirez.

Citizenship instruction is offered in our Community Learning Lab. This is an open entry/open exit course with a combination of technology assisted and teacher led instruction. Students view the syllabus, get assignments, etc. by signing into Blackboard, a course management computer application, using commercial preparation programs on CD's and accessing web-based materials. Instructors prepare assignments which are place on Blackboard and are available to answer questions and assist students directly. Tutors help prepare students by role-playing the interview with the CIS examiner.

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