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Manteca Adult School

The Manteca Adult School is committed to creating a community of learners with the knowledge, skills, and values necessary to combine personal success with meaningful contributions to our multicultural and global society. The adult school stakeholders continually strive to improve academic achievement of all students.

The program includes course offerings in English as a Second Language, English Language Civics, Adult Basic Education, High School Diploma, GED, Independent Study, ROP, Child Care Education, Computer Education, vocational courses, and various other programs. The school catalog, with a complete schedule of classes, is mailed directly to households throughout the greater Manteca vicinity.

In addition, the Manteca Adult School houses the District's Career Center, providing students access to information about our career/technical preparation courses and post-secondary education programs in our area. Our staff stands committed to addressing our students' educational needs and assisting them in developing their adult role competencies.

The Manteca Adult School maintains a main campus and satellite locations throughout the community that maintain a safe, effectual, constructive, and positive environment for all our students.

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