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LAUSD/DACE - North Hollywood - Poly CAS

Mission Statement: North Hollywood-Polytechnic Community Adult School provides educational opportunities and services for our diverse student population, enabling them to develop the skills, the knowledge, and the confidence necessary to meet their goals and become more active members of the community.

North Hollywood Poly CAS supports Older Adult education, with classes in musical appreciation, mental and physical fitness, cultural studies, fine arts, and writing ("Family History and Personal Recollections.") A course in Intergenerational Tutoring has the possibility of being piloted here, as well.

Principal Badeau and APO Cynthia Diaz have seen the need for life-long learning in North Hollywood as the older adult population grows. A special feature of the older adult programming is the Writing class, which has opened a Salon with special guest writers, available to the general public to talk about the art and craft of writing. The class has recently been interviewed by the new online newspaper Toluca Times-North Hollywood Patch. LA Times Feature Writer Kurt Streeter was the first writer to attend and present. These events are hosted at the Valley Village Senior Apts, an NHPCAS school site. The instructor, Fjaere Nilssen-Mooney works with Principal Badeau and APO Diaz to organize events that showcase the skills of older adults, in interfacing with the broader community. Intergenerational activities to help at-risk students to succeed are planned in line with events such as the above. This is only one way in which NHPCAS reaches out to the community and serves its public with focus, intention and dedication.

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