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Lassen Adult School

814 Cottage Street
Susanville, CA 96130
Tel (530) 257-4653

The Lassen Union High School Adult Education program was established in 1993 under an agreement between the Lassen Union High School District, Lassen College, Westwood High School and Herlong High School. Named the Diploma Gold program, it currently consists of a morning and an evening class, located at Lassen Career Network, an independent study program in Susanville.

Students in the Diploma Gold program work at their own pace and level. The teacher is responsible for making appropriate work assignments, grading the work, and working with students on an individual basis, and is always available to help individual students understand the assignments and to encourage them to complete assignments. Calls are often made to student's homes to encourage consistent attendance.

Students, ranging in age from eighteen to eighty, often help each other and share knowledge, encouragement and support. Although there is sometimes an expansive age difference, students learn from each other as well as from teachers. The camaraderie that develops among our students is a source of pride for the Diploma Gold program.

All Adult School classes are conducted at the Lassen Career Network. The current teachers are Lillian Koppelman (Day class) and Richard Egelhofer (Night class). Both teachers also have a full complement of independent study students. Our principal is Nancy Albers and our secretary is Sue Hamlet.

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