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Azusa Adult School

Azusa Adult School recognizes the self-worth of people, their total development in skills building and their pursuit of personal goals in a safe learning environment that will make them life-long learners and productive members of society.

Azusa Adult School is noted for providing accessibility to quality education for every student, thus removing barriers to learning and goal attainment. Azusa Adult School is serious about it's commitment to equipping students with the personal and cultural proficiencies and language abilities necessary to fully participate in American society. A challenging, relevant and constantly changing curriculum designed to meet the constantly growing demands of modern society is provided to every student. The professional staff takes great care in the design and implementation of programs, consistently addressing the needs and goals of students.

Open enrollment, a welcoming environment and immediate assessment for appropriate placement make students feel comfortable and safe. The availability of seven levels of ESL classes give students the opportunity to integrate quickly into the student body and experience early success. All levels of staff, classified to management, take a genuine, personal interest in each student. Early integration of technology into coursework creates an exciting opportunity for students to learn additional new skills.

Azusa Adult School's low cost childcare program has received commendation for the genuine, quality, caring customer service the staff provides for students and their children. These support services enable students to attend to their studies knowing their children are in a safe and nurturing environment. The range of class schedules and locations make it possible for students to be successful in school, meet personal goals, and still raise families.

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