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Eureka Adult School

Eureka Adult School serves students in the rural northwest of California. Our vocational program is critically important to the economic development of Humboldt County, as we partner with CalWORKS, State Rehabilitation and private industry to train workers. We strive to provide a quality program to our students.

Eureka Adult School recognizes that a student's success is not determined solely by job skills. We strive to provide a program that prepares students to be knowledgeable, competent, and valuable employees. To address student persistence and retention, Eureka Adult School provides childcare, bus tickets and business clothing. Our Clothing Closet is a partnership with the Soroptimists, Fredrick and Charles Beauty College, Holly Yashi Jewelry, Best Cleaners and Youth Service Bureau. Students and community members may come and get a complete interview or business outfit that includes stockings, shoes, jewelry and a voucher for a free haircut and style. Students' lives are transformed, and students leave our Clothing Closet feeling beautiful and confident.

The interview preparation also includes participation in a Mock Interview Program. Students complete applications and are given an appointment to be interviewed by a panel of successful community members. The mock interview is taped, and students and panel critique the performance. It provides a valuable learning experience for the student.

Eureka Adult School provides students with hands-on learning experiences and group projects that simulate the workplace. For instance, Tina Traylor became editor of the school newsletter that has proved invaluable in her job as production manager of Eureka Adult School's brochure. It also provided Tina with a leadership role in class where she could develop her skills and abilities. These activities added to her competence and self-confidence. It is critical that students are able to transfer their new skills to the workplace.

The “soft skills” of job performance are an integral piece of all programs at Eureka Adult School. Instructors model appropriate workplace behavior including attendance and attitude. Students are held to a professional standard of respect and reliability. Here at Eureka Adult School we realize that it takes a village to raise a student. From their first encounter with office staff, to the classroom, and to the workplace, students go through a metamorphosis that culminates with a confident and competent employee. Hiring one of our students is a testament to the quality of our vocational business program.

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