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Culver City Adult School

4501 Elenda Street
Culver City, CA 90230
Tel (310) 842-4300

Principal: Dr. Marvin Brown, Ed.D
ILC Coordinator: Leila Rosemberg, M.Ed.
Couselor: Nicki McBreen, MA

The Culver City Adult School operates a learning lab called the Independent Learning Center (ILC). The ILC is an open-entry, open-exit program that operates eleven months a year, open both day and night to provide the most flexibility for student attendance. Most classes are offered on an independent study model, with traditional teacher-directed classes during the day in four subject areas for GED preparation/diploma credit. Students also have the opportunity to use computers in most classes, facilitating basic skills on the computer as well as academic enrichment.

Three teachers staff the center, one serving as ASE coordinator, and three teacher's aides. In addition to the paid staff, volunteers provide extra assistance during the day to identified students. A full time counselor is on staff to provide intake services, academic and personal counseling, transcript evaluation, and class placement for new and continuing students. Students choose between a traditional high school diploma program, GED preparation, or a combination of both. After a counseling session, students attend an orientation meeting to register for class and receive all practical information about the ILC. Students are monitored throughout the program by the staff, with individualized tutoring provided when necessary. The staff stay in close contact with the students, monitoring their progress and attendance on a weekly basis. Students are encouraged to see the counselor upon completion of each class.

JC credits the ILC with his exceptional success in college. He mentioned three things about the ILC that were especially important to him. The first is the diversity of the staff. While all staff teach all subjects in the lab, each has a specialty; one in writing, one in math, one in science. This brings an incredible richness to the teaching environment. The second feature that played a huge role in his success was the fact that the center is open morning, afternoon and evening. Students can choose when they come to school on a daily basis. Since JC had to work the entire time he was attending school, the variety of the hours made continued persistence toward his goal a reality. Lastly, writing assignments are incorporated into almost all classes at the ILC. While JC laughs and says that students often complain about the writing, he says that he was completely prepared for writing all the essays that are required at the college level.

It is obvious when speaking to JC how excited he is about school and his success in pursuing his goals. He brings that excitement and enthusiasm to work with him every time he steps into the Independent Learning Center classroom. Students and staff are lucky to have him working at Culver City Adult School.

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