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Corona-Norco Adult School

The mission of the Corona-Norco Adult School is to provide life-long educational opportunities and services through programs that support the overall goals of the Corona-Norco Unified School District and respond to the unique needs of each individual in a diverse and growing community.

The school is committed to preparing students for their adult roles as productive workers, effective family members, responsible community members, and lifelong learners. Our commitment is that at the completion of a class or program, every student will have:

  • Met his or her expectations for the class or program.
  • Achieved personal goals.
  • Gained a skill or life experience.
  • Acquired tools to become productive individuals.

Adult Education provides opportunities for participants to obtain training and skills for employment, to become knowledgeable consumers, parents and citizens, and to develop potential for self-realization to the fullest.

Corona-Norco Adult School is a community-based school with classroom sites throughout the District. In existence since 1948, the Adult School offers a diverse range of classes to meet the needs and interests of the area's residents. It is an integral part of the District's effort to provide educational services to the community.

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